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10.  Monarch eclosing        page 1 of 2     
12. Tattered and Faded Monarchs  1999  
6.  Monarch Eggs  close-ups
13. Monarch Eggs Hatching  close-ups
14. Monarch Larvae "J" to chrysalis
4  Summer '99 backyard Monarchs
7. Male #7 and other July '99 monarchs
28. Monarch Predators Summer '99
27.  Sept 1999 breeding cage designs
21. "notching" of leaf by larvae
26.  Sept 1999 Hummingbirds "stacking"
19.   Larva shedding skin
11.  Monarch eclosing   page  2     
Victoria Christian School, Victoria, Texas      1.  *** Texas Milkweeds --- Photo Identification Pages ***                
       Our observations and photos of Monarch                         
       butterflies (Danaus plexippus) and native,                                2. Victoria Christian School Homepage
     wild milkweed (Asclepias) in the south-central                                  3. Monarch Watch Homepage
    and mid-coast regions of Texas starting in 1998         4.  Texas Monarch Watch & Milkweed Resources  pages TexEnto

Some of our special photos:   5.   *** Graph and Notes from October/November 2006 migration along the Texas midcoast

                                                        5b***Ohio Monarch captured at Lavaca Bay, Nov 06! 1,146 miles, 40 days! Photos and info!
Texas Milkweed (Asclepias)
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Jan 27, 02 Green Anole, predation

Feb 9, 02  Coupled pair of winter monarchs

Spring 2002, Faded Monarchs, study in photos